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Itoigawa City is located near the center of Japan in Niigata Prefecture. It is home to exceptional geogical and mineral resources which tell the story of how the Japanese Islands were formed and is full of vibrant nature, beautiful scenery, and ancient traditions and culture.

Visit us and enjoy experiences which can only be had here in Itoigawa!

Fossa Magna Museum

 The Itoigawa UNESCO Global Geopark's Information Center, the Fossa Magna Museum is one of only a few museums in Japan dedicated to stones and minerals. Learn about the role Itoigawa formed in the birth of the Japanese Islands, explore the world stones and minerals, and enjoy fun interactive exhibits about jade and other minerals from Itoigawa and around the world.

Nature Experiences

Explore geology, minerals, nature and beautiful scenery.

  • Fossa Magna Park
  • Kotakigawa Jade Gorge
  • Stone Collecting

Culture Experiences

Discover Itoigawa's history and culture and make traditional local foods

  • Batabata-cha Tea
  • Traditional Cuisine (Sasazushi and Soba)
  • Salt Trail Hiking and more

School Exchange Programs

Academic and sports exchange programs with students of Kaiyo High School

  • Class participation and exchange
  • Sumo demonstration and experience
  • Training Center Tour

Snow Country Experience

The Itoigawa Region is one of Japan's heavy snowfall regions. Enjoy a variety of snow-related activities in winter!

  • Ski (Alpine & Cross Country)
  • Snow Trekking
  • Snow Games & More


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