Visit Local Schools, Meet Local Students!

Here are some of the exchange opportunities available with local schools in Itoigawa. Please submit an application if you are interested in meeting with local students.

School Exchange Programs

School Name

Niigata Prefectural Kaiyo High School
Address: 3040 Nou, Itoigawa, Niigata


180 min - 240 min


Class Visit
Sit in on a Japanese classroom and experience education in Japan.
Student Cultural Exchange
Meet with local students and exchange opinions about themes including school life, culture, history and more.
Sports Exchange
Visit extracurricular activities including sports clubs and Kaiyo High School's nationally ranked sumo team. Participation opportunities are also available.
School Tours
Kaiyo High School is a maritime high school and has a number of unique facilities including an aquaculture facility and fishing ship. Fish feeding and other hands-on activities are available.

Applying for School Exchange

Please apply through a travel agent or other organization capable of communicating in Japanese.

Fill out the School Exchange Application Form and submit it by mail or fax at least two months before your planned travel date.

School Exchage Application Form PDF Word



Nature Experiences

  • Fossa Magna Park
  • Kotakigawa Jade Gorge
  • Stone Collecting

Culture Experiences

  • Batabata-cha Tea
  • Traditional Cuisine (Sasazushi and Soba)
  • Salt Trail Hiking and more

School Exchange Programs

  • Class participation and exchange
  • Sumo demonstration and experience
  • Training Center Tour

Snow Country Experience

  • Ski (Alpine & Cross Country)
  • Snow Trekking
  • Snow Games & More


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